Samia Aziz

  • Department of Software Engineering
  • (041) 111-128-128
  • Ext: 153



MS Computer Science, FAST-NUCES CFD, 2022

BS Computer Science, GCWUF, 2020



  1. Samia Aziz, Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Umar Aftab, and Hafiz Tayyab Rauf, “Geo-Spatial Mapping of Hate Speech Prediction in Roman Urdu”, (Mathematics, Computer Science), MDPI & Switzerland, (IF. 2.595), 2023.
  2. Tanzeel Zaidi, Samia Aziz, Muhammad Usman, Awais Azam, Adeel Ashraf Cheema, Sahar Ajmal, “Edge Computing and Computational Task Offloading Analysis–A review study”, 2022 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical, Control, and Telecommunication Engineering (ETECTE), DOI: 10.1109/ETECTE55893.2022.10007120
  3. Samia Aziz, Muhammad Usman, Awais Azam, Farwa Ahmad, Muhammad Bilal, Adeel Ashraf Cheema, “Analysing Machine Learning Techniques for Cyberbullying Detection: A Review Study”, 2022 17th International Conference on Emerging Technologies (ICET), DOI: 10.1109/ICET56601.2022.10004667
  4. Zohaib Ali, Talha Tanveer, Samia Aziz, Muhammad Usman, Awais Azam, “Reassessing the Performance of ARM vs x86 with Recent Technological Shift of Apple”, 2022 International Conference on IT and Industrial Technologies (ICIT), DOI: 10.1109/ICIT56493.2022.9988933

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