Some of the proposed activities that can be part of the conference are given below. These options can vary and depends on organizing committee to add or remove certain activities in the conference.  The main activities that can be part of the conference are:


The proposed conference can hold a PhD Symposium collocated with the main conference. The goal of the symposium will be to provide a unique opportunity for PhD students to open up their work in front of other academics than their supervisors. They will be able to present their work and get feedback on their topic and approach from leading scientists in their respective field and from fellow students. Additionally, the forum will provide an opportunity to meet other students, to learn about their work and last, but not least, to discuss PhD related issues


Now days, panel discussion is a regular feature of the conference. The panel discussion can be organized on a specific topic of interest relevant to Pakistan. Renowned academicians and people from industry participate in the panel discussion and is attended by all the audience of the conference. This is the panel discussion is planned to be organized in collaboration with Pakistan Software Export Board on university industry linkages or open-source initiatives.


Some of the good papers which could not make to the oral presentations can be invited to submit posters and present them in poster sessions.


The authors will submit technical papers as per IEEE requirements. The papers will be presented by authors, thus will provide an opportunity to discuss their research with the rest of the world.


To provide in depth knowledge about a certain topic, the conference organizers can arrange various types of tutorials.


A small group of experts explore focused research area of the conference in depth during these workshops.