Mr. Rizwan Saeed

  • IT and Computing Labs
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Previously worked at Hewllet Packard (HP) Labs Bristol UK as a security researcher. Implement encryption using symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms in a manner where moving data from one service provider to another service provider remains confidential.Recently worked at Camba.TV and Evercam.Io as a Linux Engineer, researching improved methods of communication and data delivery using OpenVPN, Client authentication and encryption certificates.

Fields of Interest: Information Security, Risk Management & Compliance, Internal Audit. Network & Computer Security, ISO 27001, Governance, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Encryption Mechanism & Algorithms, Firewalls, Wireless Security, Business Continuity Planning, Data Protection Act.


  • M.Sc(Information Security), University of London, United Kingdom (2012)
  •  B.Sc(Software Engineering.), University of Westminister London, United Kingdom (2002)