Adil Zulfiqar

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • (041) 111-128-128
  • Ext: 140




  • PhD (Electronic Engineering) City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2018
  • MS (Electronic Engineering) GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (Pakistan), 2014
  • BSc (Electrical Engineering) Government College University Lahore (Pakistan) , 2011


Journal Papers

1Adil Zulfiqar, Yuanye Chen, Dan Ma, Yang Shi Fellow IEEE, Jie Chen Fellow

IEEE, Frank Allgower. “Truncated Predictor Feedback Stabilization of MIMO Linear

Systems with Time-Delays,” IEEE Transaction Automatic Control, 2019 (Submitted).

(IF: 5.093)


2– Yuanye Chen, Adil Zulfiqar, Dan MA, Yang Shi Fellow IEEE, Jie Chen Fellow

IEEE, Frank Allgower, (2019). Simultaneous stabilization of discrete-time delay

systems and bounds on delay margin. Automatica, 101(1), 296-308. (IF: 6.355)


3– Dan Ma, Rui Tian, Adil Zulfiqar, Jie Chen Fellow IEEE, Tianyou Chai Fellow IEEE,

“Bounds on Delay Consensus Margin of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with

Robust Position and Velocity Feedback Protocol,”IEEE Transaction on Automatic

Control, vol. 64, no. 9, pp. 3780-3787, September 2019. (IF: 5.093)


4Adil Zulfiqar, Nisar Ahmed, “Design of Fractional-order PI_ controller for

integer-order plants including dead-time” International Journal of Scientific and

Engineering Research, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 743-749, 2013. (IF: 4.4)


Conference Papers


1– Yuanye Chen, Adil Zulfiqar, Dan Ma, Yang Shi, Jie Chen. “On delay margin

bounds on the discrete-time systems”. In Proceedings Of the 57th IEEE conference

on Decision and Control (CDC), December. 12-15, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.


2Adil Zulfiqar, Nisar Ahmed, “Stability Regions of Fractional-Order PI_D_

Controllers with dead-time plant” International Conference on Emerging Technologies

(ICET), December 9-12, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2013.