In line with the thrust of our faith and the glory of our heritage, we shall try our best to play an effective and meaningful role in creating a knowledge-based society in Pakistan. This avenue would naturally and seamlessly lead to a civil society with a knowledge-driven economy.

In furtherance of these general objectives, we shall focus upon the acquisition and propagation of cutting edge science and technologies. Recognizing the fact that Information Technology is having a profound impact on almost every aspect of human activity and changing the shape of our future. We shall retain our focus, for the time being, on producing graduates in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, and Basic Sciences as well as managers of the highest order who may act as the vanguard of the IT Revolution in Pakistan.

We believe that the enormous educational potential of computer science if used wisely, widely and vigorously, can be a powerful vehicle of social equalization.

In line with its philosophy, the satisfaction of the financial needs of the poor, and opening doors of opportunities of highly expensive education to the indigent and disempowered, are the greatest moral achievements of the Foundation.

In pursuit of this noble objectives, the University shall faithfully, vigorously and dedicatedly follow that policy to fulfill the requirements of equality of opportunity and social justice.

Realizing that the success of IT revolution requires concerted efforts of many, not a few, we shall establish a formal network of a cooperative and collaborative relationship with centers of excellence within and outside Pakistan. The quality of human beings shall remain center of our focus. It shall be our constant endeavor to produce, not only excellent scientists and good technicians, but also well balanced human beings with strong sense of values.