Head School of Computing

Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz

FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is a leading Science and Technology University of the country accelerating with emerging technologies and producing human resources of highest acumen. Our Alumni are serving global and international organizations for years and contributing in forms of startups as well. The university successfully accomplishes its sole aim of extending latest knowledge to its students compatible to the need of the hour. Students belonging to various ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds find a level playing field to enhance their capabilities and professional skills at the university. We believe in the overall persona of our students which is enriched by extra and co-curricular activities. Our students are keen to take challenges and love problem solving in its core. Our highly qualified and research-oriented faculty foster in students an urge to develop inquisitive spirit of innovation and dynamism. In terms of infrastructure the university is second to none. It’s a complete experience from its well-equipped labs to state of the art classrooms, from lush green playgrounds to highly conducive environment for learning and development. The environment is designed to inculcate a value system that is for responsible human beings and efficient professionals. We are committed to opening up new avenues for our students so that they can handle the daunting tasks of continuously changing fields of innovation, science and technology. We wish a very bright future and success to the shining stars of this institution.

Department Heads

Incharge of Department of Computer Science
Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz

Head of Department of Software Engineering
Dr. Affan Rauf

Incharge of Department of AI & Data Science
Dr. Hashim Yasin