As an integral member of the Higher Education Institution (HEI) community, FAST – NUCES recognizes and values the fundamental rights and privileges that unite us. Foremost among these is the sacred right to pursue inquiry, delve into knowledge, and conduct investigation without encumbrance from unlawful or any other unacceptable constraints. Aligned with this commitment, we wholeheartedly endorse the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) mission, which, mandated by law, establishes the conditions under which universities in our nation may operate. Central to this mission is the unwavering dedication to safeguarding the freedom of teachers, researchers, scholars, students, and all members of this community. This includes the imperative to provide a secure and respectful environment where the dignity of every individual is upheld and protected. FAST – NUCES is committed to HEC’s Policy On Protection Against Sexual Harassment. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive educational environment that fosters respect, equality, and dignity for all. Let us unite in the pursuit of knowledge, upholding the principles of academic freedom, respect, and protection, and working together to build a brighter future for all at FAST – NUCES.  

The focal persons for the committee are:
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad
Associate Professor – Department of Sciences & Humanities
Tel: (041) 111-128-128 Ext: 270

Ms. Aysha Shafiq
Assistant Manager – Career Services
Tel: (041) 111-128-128 Ext: 194

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