Arfan Shahzad

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Sciences & Humanities
  • (041) 111-128-128
  • Ext: 277



  • Ph.D (Mathematics) Government College University Faisalabad, 2023
  • MS (Mathematics) FAST NUCES Lahore, 2009
  • BS (Mathematics) University of the Punjab Lahore, 2007


  1. Hassan, W., Farooq, K., Mujtaba, H., Alshameri, B., Shahzad, A., Nawaz, M. N., & Azab, M. (2023). Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Geosynthetics in Different Soil Plasticity Indexes. Transportation Geotechnics, 100935. (IF 4.938, Silver)
  2. Hassan, W., Raza, M.F., Alshameri, B. Shahzad, A.,et al. Statistical interpolation and spatial mapping of geotechnical soil parameters of District Sargodha, Pakistan. Bull Eng Geol Environ 82, 37 (2023). (IF 4.130, Silver)
  3. Shahzad, A., Imran, M., Tahir, M., Khan, S. A., Akgül, A., Abdullaev, S., … & Yahia, I. S. (2023). Brownian motion and thermophoretic diffusion impact on Darcy-Forchheimer flow of bioconvective micropolar nanofluid between double disks with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux. Alexandria Engineering Journal. (IF 6.626, Silver)

Shahzad, A., Imran, M., Naeem, M. N., & Raza, M. (2022). Numerical Simulation of Reiner-Rivlin Nanofluid Flow under the Influence of Thermal Radiation and Activation Energy over a Rotating Disk. CMES-COMPUTER MODELING IN ENGINEERING & SCIENCES131(3), 1669-1692. (IF 1.593, Clay)

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