Asif Ameer

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Mr. Asif Ameer has joined FAST in 2020 and working as a Lecturer in Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Before joining FAST, he has served in various organizations at national level. His core area of research is machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. He has successfully completed various MOOC’s in the area of ML/DL with distinctions from well-renowned international organizations. He has published his research with joint collaboration of Kyungpook National University, South Korea.


Precision Agriculture (PA)

Precision Farming (PF)

Machine/Deep Learning

Computer Vision


  • MS (Computer Science), 2018
  • University of Agriculture (Faisalabad)
  • BS (Computer Science), 2016
  • Riphah International University (Faisalabad)


Ameer, K., Bae, S. W., Jo, Y., Lee, H. G., Ameer, A., & Kwon, J. H. (2017). Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of total extract, stevioside and rebaudioside-A from Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) leaves, using response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) modelling. Food chemistry229, 198-207.

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