Mushtaq Ahmad

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Sciences & Humanities
  • (041) 111-128-128
  • Ext: 273


Dr Mushtaq Ahmad has been working as Assistant Professor mathematics in FAST-NU, CFD campus for the last 10 years. He earned his Doctorate degree in mathematics from FAST-NUCES Lahore. He has been appreciated among his colleagues due to his pragmatic and investigative approach in learning and evaluating newer mathematical practices, which contributed to his intellectual capital. His innovative thinking and dedication have earned him many academic laurels. His promptness and adaptability in problem-solving situations have greatly paid in achieving academic excellence.

Apart from his effective teaching, Dr Mushtaq has proven himself as an excellent researcher and has produced more than twenty high impact factor research papers (with more than 45 impact aggregate) in some of the well-reputed and globally renowned journals, including Physical Reviews D, European Physical Journal C, Nuclear Physics B, Annals of Physics, Chinese Physics C, and the list goes on. His focus of research remains on Cosmology, High energy physics, Neutron stars and Blackholes, Noether symmetries and Relativity, Differential equations, and Differential geometry. Moreover, he has collaborated with some international research groups to exhibit projects of vital importance.


PhD. (Mathematics), FAST-NUCES Lahore