Date: 12th November 2022
Time: 6:00 pm onwards
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Events: Music Night, Formal Dinner

We hope you are faring well in your life. Our alumni define us and make us proud every day, shaping the prestige of this institute. To foster the alumni bond and relive the memories, from cafe to Dhaba, from 5 rooms to this complete campus, your home invites you to Alumni Homecoming’22.
Alumni homecoming, the gathering of many familiar faces, the recollection of memories, the challenges and goals that were aimed before drifting apart, yes this is an event where everyone goes to relive the “glory days” within their beloved alma mater and rekindle the bliss of once being a student. Homecoming is all about promoting a spirit of unity and pride within the university.
We would like to warmly welcome you all once again to rekindle the memories and create new ones.
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